Swanage CommUnity Drum Circle


Swanage CommUnity Drum Circle meet to allow you to discover and explore your inner musician. It often takes only a few minutes for a beginner from first touching a drum or percussion instrument to be fully immersed in the excitement of connecting with others, creating music rhythms as a group, using hand drums, world percussion and body percussion. All participants can experience the thrill of playing together whilst realising the importance of their own part as they play and support the group song.

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Celebrating CommUnity Drumming and Rhythm.


Our next Drum Circle Dates ?


Sadly, due to ongoing health issues and other circumstances

Lawrie & Wilma will not be running Swanage Community Drum Circle in the future, and no further sessions are planned.

We would like to thank all who attended the sessions over the last 6 years.

We want you to know you are all amazing, it’s been so much fun, with many friendships forged and we will miss our times together.

But, should we meet in the street we’re sure it will be sweet, so keep on keeping the beat and moving your feet to wherever life leads you.

Our Love & Best Wishes to all who have made this rhythmical experience possible.

Lawrie & Wilma.


From absolute beginners to experienced players.

Drums and Percussion are supplied, just turn up and enjoy the evening.

Discover your unique musical and rhythmical ability as you relax and weave your own ‘in the moment’ rhythmical drum and percussion song connecting musically with others using easy to learn techniques in a fun community environment.

Wilma & Lawrie.

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